Yehi Razton (final prayer) Free Mp3 & a ban on Miley

There comes a time in a man or woman’s life where they have to stop listening to Miley Cyrus and responsibility kicks in. This time often comes with a heaviness of heart and a new outlook on life. It is most often accompanied by a desire for a new soundtrack to these new expereinces that this person will undoubtedly begin to feel. The soundtrack’s single is entitled, Yehi Razton (final prayer) and it is available for a ‘name your price’ download on our download page. preview or download it in the box below. This song is the single off of Brody, Diwon & Dugans’ “Shir HaShirim“.

<a href="">Yehi Razton (final prayer/single version) by Shemspeed</a>


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