Breslover “Na Naachs” Are Taking Over

Rabbi Nachman is like Rabbi Carlebach, not in the way that he himself played music, but in that he left a musical legacy behind him. Nachman Meuman is the chorus to countless reggae, dubbed out trance, hip hop and folk songs that come out everyday from Breslovers around the world. Unfortunately, a lot of the songs are unoriginal and simply put Nachman Meuman chanted over the riddims to draw in more Breslovers, but once in a while there are artists who take the messages of Rabbi Nachman and his Likutey Moharan and set them to beautiful and original music. Yosef Karduner is one such artist and Erez Yechiel with his Yemenite/Arabic Chazzanut downtempo record of the Tikkun Klali is another such record. If you go to the search box on the top of the Shemspeed Daily you will find free downloads of some of the music I am talking about. Another one of my personal favorites are these Breslovers who redid Idan Raichel’s Boee in a true Breslov style (download it here for free) and another is Fishi Hagadol’s “HaTzadik” from his Uno Dos record, which just came in the mail. Fishi joined Y-Love and Diwon on Channel 10 in Israel when they were invited to perform at the London ve’ Kirshenbaum show. It was then they realized Fishi was becoming a NaNaach man and it is becoming more and more obvious in his music. Ch-ch-check out his latest album, “Uno Dos – Hadmmama Potachat Peh” and be on the look out for newly Breslov, Moshiach Oi who will be having his CD Release Party at NYC’s Piano’s as part of the Shemspeed Summer Music Festival.

– Erez “Na Naach” Safar


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