Bruno’s Brother….Darkcho

We are always in search of religious music that doesn’t suck…so much so that we make it! not the bad kind, but the good, I think. Well, while in Australia we bumped into Bruno’s brother and cousin. We later met up with them for dinner at Katzy’s, as we caught up with Erran Baron Cohen, his cousin told us he is a fan of Shemspeed and wants us to check out his album. He is religious and we were curious what his music would sound like. We find that ironically a lot of “frum” music lacks a human feel to it, the drums are fake, the violins are actually keyboards, the horns are actually keyboards and the keyboards aren’t ever that cool. A lot of times we are pleasantly surprised, but generally when it’s underground and almost never when its us sifting through Judiaca World. We popped in the album and heard that it’s more like an indie folk rock album with tradition, then what you would expect of a religious album. The music is very real, very meditative and very very human. The album is hard to find, but if you come across a CD called “D. Brook And J. Harkham – “Darkcho” grab it! As we look at the art we see how very mysterious it all is. Hand written lyrics and notes cover the panels, but there is no label, there is no website, there is no way of finding out any more information and to top it all off when you flip the cover over you read the most amazing words I have ever seen on any album.

“These songs collected here belong to the Jewish people. They originate from holiness. They speak of self nulification & redemption, the need for healing & discovering the depths of the Holyone Blessed Be He in this world and the next.

We take no recognition for any part of the material, lest the actual performing of the music itself.

The Recognition was meant for the Holy One Blessed Be He & to the nation that lives by His word.”


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