Dan Auerbach

PhotobucketPhotobucketYou know how myspace now has the featured artists on the homepage as you login and you want to click to the artist, but you also want to login first? It gets tricky. I generally login then backpage it and click. Well, today I did this on Dan Auerbach. I have to admit that the only reason I did it was because it was refreshing to see a real persons name and not just Beyonce, Britney and Lindsey. I also did this because Auerbach is one of the most Jewish names ever! The dude is from Akron, Ohio, so I’m not sure his name traces the line, but I wanted to find out. The only thing I found out was that his music is good and that he is from the band, The Black Keys. So as not to leave without some Jewish connection, I wikipedia’d Shlomo Zalman instead reading about his “Meorei Esh” sefer, (the first ever on the subject of using electricity on Shabbat.)


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