Forgive & Forget – SHI 360

SHI 360 is anything but your typical hip hop artist. Spreading unity and tolerance through his music and tours worldwide, the Israeli recording artist and producer has set himself apart as a compelling voice unafraid to challenge the mainstream media’s oftentimes distorted messages. Going by the credo “Don’t be afraid to think,” SHI 360 combines deft rhymes and fresh, genre-shifting beats with bold social and political messages. His newest single “Forgive and Forget,” off the upcoming album Shalom Haters, arrives on the global hip hop scene at a time when the media has been astoundingly silent in response to recent rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. The song is a desperate plea for truth in media reporting as well as a cry to stop the seemingly endless violence in the Middle East.

“Forgive and Forget” reaffirms both sides’ shared human suffering, acknowledging “I see your pain/I know you see my pain” and urges people to rise up against media-perpetuated lies – “How do you think/The cameraman is close to the fire? The work is for hire/Showing what they want to inspire.” SHI 360’s hard-hitting lyrics are balanced by a piano-driven beat and a melodic verse sung by Harte, a female vocalist who has previously collaborated with Killah Priest from Wu-Tang Clan. In her soulful, attention-grabbing voice, Harte drives SHI 360’s message home as she sings “I don’t want no struggles/I don’t want no lies/Don’t wanna go through hell/Just to get to paradise.”

Bringing information strikingly missing from today’s headlines to the forefront of attention, “Forgive andForget” challenges media consumers to reassess what they’re being told and instead to refocus on our shared goal to “build a stronger tomorrow,” and finally “put our hands out, and our arms down.” This is the kind of news more people need to hear.

SHI 360 has sold platinum records in his collaboration with rapper Subliminal and TACT, and his musical reach has gone international, significantly influencing the modern Israeli hip hop scene. His hit singles include “Home” “Kabel,” “Break the Silence,” “United” and “Tribal Dance.” His collaboration with the TACT All-Stars album was a ground-breaking, commercial triumph that captivated Israel’s music world, selling gold in its first day of release – making music history in Israel. Hit singles featured on this album include “Peace in the Middle East” and “Rak Benadan.” “Shalom Haters” will be released on December 22nd under Shemspeed/360 Music Records.


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