Israeli BeatleMania Just 43 Years in the Making


Look, I even drew you a pretty picture! :o)

Yep, you heard it right ladies and gents. After canceling a show the Beatles had scheduled in 1965 (out of fear the lovable Mop Tops would corrupt the youth), the Israeli government has lifted a ban on the Beatles and invited the surviving members to play at Israel’s 60th birthday bash in May. The families of John Lennon and George Harrison were also invited. It is doubtful that any will attend, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

Beatles We Can Work It Out

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I’m generally an optimist, but C’mon Israel, Beatlemania my not be dead but it certainly isn’t what it used to be. This event was pretty far overdue.

Alls well that ends well though! :o) So big thumbs up to the Homeland!

-Giselle Mazur


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