Juez is totally sweet

Back when klezmer was cool there was a band called Juez. They started as a fusion of electronics live drums horns and thrashing bass and so they were self described as “break beat klezmer jazz”, often mistaken for “breakfast klezmer jazz” which took them from possibly amazing to positively lame. They were glad they weren’t breakfast klezmer and decided to change their self description to “punk klezmer jazz”. Juez was one of Diwon’s first bands and he used to play drums with his shirt off. Anyway, the band is totally sweet and they will break down exactly how sweet they are in the video to the left. Catch their reunion show August 25th at Piano’s as part of the Moshiach Oi’s CD Release party for the Shemspeed Summer Music Festival!

p.s. they will also be playing tomorrow eve in Philly all info on both at https://shemspeed.com/fest


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