PilPeled’s PaperWallet (Israel’s Banksy)

PILPELED is a self-taught graphic designer, artist and illustrator from Israel. PaperWallet are wallets created from tear resistant & waterproof material. If you have ever encountered soft envelope that you couldn’t open… this is the same material. What makes them unique is the artist involvement. The wallet you see here is by one of my new favorite designer’s, he is like Israel’s Banksy. Famous for the graphic design he does for artists like Boom Pam and touring artists to Israel like DJ Shadow. The common theme amongst his pieces are its street art graffiti style mixed with over saturated colors that create a striking image that is both surreal and hard to forget.
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p.s. check out his more photographic design inside Israel’s Bodega Bar where Peled was commissioned to curate the entire space. (see)


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