Shemspeed Open Mic # 4 Tea Lounge RECAP!

Check out the brave folk who hit the Shemspeed Open Mic last night at Tea Lounge (Flickr link) The night was kicked off by Dave Rosner who used it as a way to prepare himself for tomorrow nights Kim Kardashian roast. Needles to say there were a lot of tooches jokes. It was really amazing to see rabbi types on the mic along with hipster yids and a crowd that was eager to hear the mix. The highlights included Frum Satire’s rant of weddings, since he had just gotten back from one. He then followed it up by talking about Shomer Negia and the different types, such as, the “Shomer Negia till opportunity” and “fictional Shomer Negia”. That part of the rant was by special request from the ladies (Tahlia ‘Matisyahu’ Miller & Yocheved Sudof) who are directing, “Can’t Touch This”, a documentary about Shomer Negia. After Frum Satire finished his hilarious rant, Crown Heights underground musical duet, Mordechai (an older Israeli Chabadnik) and Levi (a seasoned Austin, TX guitarist) took the stage to perform a sort of Shalom Chanoch meets Radiohead set, joined by Erez Safar on the guitar. Y-Love and Dov of Blue Fringe stopped by to perform an acoustic version of their “Eicha” song which was really beautiful. The night ended off like a superstar rock concert with Steven Baggs who was not allowed to stop performing. The crowd loved it. He’s a syrian Jew who Nina somehow stumbled upon on myspace and the dude is platinum!
To sign up for next months open mic which will be hosted by Frum Satire and co-sponosred by Zeek along with the host Shemspeed, email . It all goes down again Wednesday July 23rd at 7:30pm.

Frum Satire video

Mordechai & Levi Video

Open Mic gals photo



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