Shemspeed with Y-Love in London!!!

Dan of, the electronic live hip hop klezmer band dubbed, Emunah invited Y-Love, Jake Break and dj handler to perform at his monthly Psycho Semitic which is a fusion of cultures, faiths and races. It fit well with their Sulha aesthetic and mission. They enthusiastically agreed! The night started off with our Shemspeed crew hitchin a ride from Birmingham to East London, where the club was located. On the way our driver picked up a plastic bag full of cassettes. We haven’t seen them in a while and were curious what would be thrown on. Turns out they were mostly all intelligent drum and bass. It fit well with a drive down to London. Midst conversation, I heard the driver say the word Educationalist, which i could have sworn was a made up conjugation of a word by Ali G, but the driver schooled me that it was actually a British conjugation. That ruined a perfectly briiliant Ali G moment for me.

Before the whole trip we all went to the little market to get some drinks. Right next to the cash register was a box of throat losenges called NIGROID. We bought it and made Y-Love hold them while we shot ridiculious photos. (all below). Once we entered the club, the promoter told us he expected 6000 or so people. It took a while for people to filter in, but by the end of the night there were definitely more than half that coming through. The beginning of the night was a few performances by the FIlistine crew out of Barcelona. Their music seemed to fit perfectly, it was dirty , grimey , type beats with minimal raps. After they finished, Y-Love jumped on to no music and proclaimed, “This is a Test, This is a test of the right wing conservative …” I don’t recall it all, but it was sooo freakin cool, cuz the whole place froze and right when you thought , “whats he gonna do now?” Handler dropped 6000, the song full of revolution forward thinking politics and a calling out of the twisted leadership around the world. The rest of the set was very high energy and everyone was dancing till the last beat. It was cool to be at a party thrown by Jews that had a very diverse crowd. A lot of times I find myself at multi cultural events thrown by Jews and I’m hard pressed to find any other culture. A great East London Night indeed!

– handler riding up to London

– Y-Love looking like the Ethiopean General

– Jake Break staring out the window going on the opposite side of the road

– Psycho Semitic

– Gearing up to jump up on Psycho Semitic

– Find the Pound

– Y-Love at 93 Feet East (East London)

– Looking for BAR!

– Nina outside the club!

– Chewable Toothbrush 1 Pound

– Y-Love boasts his Birmingham Throat Losenges (NIGROIDS)

click below to see the rest of dem photos!


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