Soulico Interview Exclusive

We have been following Soulico’s music for a few years now and they have really captured the genre smasher/ipod gen party style and ran with it. thanks Diplo (woot woot) We wanted to get to the bottom of who they listen to and how a team of 4 work together on tracks. Here it is, a Soulico interview exclusive for Shemspeed….

Q: I remember going to Israel in 2003 or so and finding you guys at Barzilay, DJin a guest set and rappin about Hollertronix with you all… I was so surprised by how in tune to the American dance scene a group of DJs from Israel could be. It was like 2004 or something and you all already knew what Diplo was doing as he was doing it…How did you stay in touch with all these movements from little old Israel?

A: Well, now days with the internet it is both easier to hear new music and to expose your music to the remotest corners of the world.

Q: How does production and DJin work logistically with 4 people? Do ego’s get in the way? Are there diff roles (i.e. one person does breaks, the other is a melodic digger, the other engineering and so on?) or does everyone get down on all front and you choose which songs are the

A: Since we are first and foremost friends for a long time ego is not really there…We all pretty much share the same musical tastes and on most parts rely on our own filters to know what’s good and what’s not. It usually starts from a basic idea some one has and we than start putting stuff on top of that.

Q: Who in the Israeli hip hop scene are you all into?

A: Axum, Peled, Ortega, Hadah Nahash, Tabbo+, Vulcan, Saz, Ruff, Soul-J, Nechi Nech, Bazooka, Coolooloosh. We think Ori Schohat is one hell of a producer too!

Q: Who in the American club scene are you into?

A: Too much too mention! Everybody who plays good bouncy music and keeps it interesting and diverse.

Q: How does Judaism play a role in Soulico, the music and the message?

A: It doesn’t. Israelism plays a much more important role in our music and influnces.

Q: What’s next?

A: We really don’t know…Were just Thankful for everything that happens now.

– Diwon


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