Stand with Israel re-cap

Last night was NYC’s “Stand with Israel“, a benefit for victims of terror and a solidarity event for Israel. The event was a follow up to the Mumbai Charity event a few weeks ago. The hosts, YJP & Chabad Loft do an outstanding job of brining celebrities, music, a high class atmosphere and hundreds of your Jews together to raise awareness of some of the tough times that are hitting the Jewish people and to encourage action towards positivity and giving. A few weeks ago Matisyahu and Miri Ben Ari performed and last night was just as amazing. The night began with soulful music from Soul Farm followed by Y-Love and Diwonwho brought Dov Rosenblatt on stage for the first two songs followed by DeScribe performing their single, “Change”. Jaron of Evan and Jaron fame took the stage and spoke about the charity and encouraged people to pledge money to friends of the IDF, he then performed a famous Carlebach tune which was very cool to see. The night was brought to a close by and the world famous rock star, Perry Farrell he performed his signature tunes, “Pets”, “Stop”…it was definitely a different sounding Perry since there was no backing band, but an acoustic version of these songs was a special treat and the powerful world he had to say about supporting Israel was very much welcome. Like he said we need more rock stars supporting what has unfortunately become an unpopular cause. We need events like this to rally people to do good and give charity and much like the success of the Obama campaign, he suggested using the internet and videos and such to spread the support. Finishing off with how Speilberg is Jewish. I’m not sure he was in the room, but if the next Spielberg was, I hope they take Perry’s suggestion.

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