Taf Shin Mem Chet

It was the year Taf Shin Mem Chet (1988) when Piamenta recorded a really cool jazz rock sephardic fusion of Israeli tunes. Fast forward 20 years and I am in Seattle for LagBaOmer, the local Chabad Rabbi hipped me to a lost and possibly forgotten Piamenta album. So obscure that when the Rabbi showed Yossi Piamenta that he had it, Yossi replied, “I don’t even have that album!!”. The Rabbi, without hesitation, laced him with his copy. The song is upwards of 20 minutes and “Kol Sasson” makes its debut in an extended jam mashed with “Eretz Zavat Chalav Udevash” (Land of Milk and Honey). The song is a huge contrast to his later Jewish hit of of “Kol Sasson” on the “Big Time” record. There are two other extended jam medley’s that totally fit the Tismach era, off of “Azreini Keil Chai – Shirei Simcha” which are, “Medley of Horas” and “Medley of Chassidic Hits”. Well, as we do every month or so, we will give it to you here, on Shemspeed, since you can’t get it anywhere else! (click here to download the full album). Enjoy and comment with any reviews below!

– Shemspeed staff


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