The YouTube Invasion!

So I don’t know if any of you have seen this YouTube video called “My New Haircut.” It exploded across the internet to soon become a college sensation. College girls everywhere revel in the fact that at some point they have indeed been hit on by a metro looking, Heineken loving, protein shake drinking toolbag. You can’t go to a bar and order a Jager Bomb without the person next to you hollering, “Jager Bombs, Jager Bombs, Skanks, Skanks…” and every time I go anywhere with a front desk, I am tempted to just walk on past and say “Not now, I’m in the F**king zone!”

If you haven’t had this pleasure, let me enlighten you:

Okay, so maybe anyone who isn’t drunk, in college or a big clubber thinks they just lost a solid two minutes and 48 seconds of their life, but let me introduce you to yet another internet sensation: Jewification. I don’t know how we do it, but man, we can take anything and make it Jewish. Including a washed up fratastic in rocker shades. Please allow me to demonstrate:

I’m sure that you can all die happy now. No need to thank me. :o)


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