1. Y-LOVE – “THE TAKEOVER” FT. ANDY MILONAKIS & TJ DI HITMAKER (get this track: direct | itunes)
* This was just an insane in your face track that blended hip hop and dancehall in an original way. It also showcased Andy Milonakis spitting one of the illest verses that we have ever heard from him. Look out for it on MTVu ‘The Freshman’ (watch the music video on Andy’s channel)
2. DESCRIBE “PURE SOUL” FT. MATISYAHU (get this track: direct | itunes)
* DeScribe teamed up with Matisyahu to create “pure soul,” celebrating a world where children with special needs experience acceptance and inclusion. It was incredible to see how much for the kids had with this song and music video. (check out the video here)
3. HOOD SAMARITAN – “PARIS” (get this track: free)
* The original beat off Jay-Z & Kanye’s ‘Watch the Thrown’ record was easily our favorite beat of 2011 if not the decade. How Diwon, Kyle Rapps & Y-Love flipped it is beyond words.
4. DARKCHO – “B’CHA BATCHO” (get this track: direct | itunes)
* Darkcho is an album of mystical Hasidic music, that sounds more like an indie folk rock album with tradition than what you would expect of a religious album. The music is very real, very meditative and very very human. We won’t stop obsessing.
* Last Ronson record continued in the vain he established with Amy Winehouse and the Dap Kings, but this sophomore record is far more diverse in style, this is a track that we can’t stop dancing to.
6. DIWON – “CHULO” MIXTAPE (get this for free)
* This is an insane mixtape, probably Diwon’s craziest yet, bridging the worlds of electronic music, dancehall and hip hop, blending elements of Diwon’s production into fellow producers, Dillon Francis, Swedish House Mafia, Diplo, Dizzee Rascal & more.
7. MATISYAHU – “MIRACLE” MINIWEAPON REMIX (get this track: itunes)
* This track is probably Matis’ most pop sounding record to date and this remix takes it into a totally different universe, one where Dubstep gets downtempo.
8. EPRHYME – “NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND” FT. XPERIENCE & GLIMPSE (get this track: direct | itunes)
* We never liked the Budos Band more than after hearing this track where Eprhyme kills this hip hop track along with Xperience and Glimpse. We are hoping for a video!
9.KOSHA DILLZ – “ALL THESE YEARS” FT. MOJO HANNA (get this track: itunes)
* This is definitely the most hipster hop track we have heard from our Freestyle Champion. It’s also a slighty softer side of Kosha. It should be an anthem of some sort, just not sure what sort just yet. (check out the video here)
10. DIWON – “GONNA LIGHT” FT. Y-LOVE & SARAH AROESTE (get this track: direct | itunes)
* this Shtetl Chanukah Mix ended 2011 with a party feel.

p.s. We got 3 NYE shows, for you, in Florida, Baltimore and Los Angeles with Matisyahu, Kosha Dillz & Y-Love. (info)


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