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Alan Cohen Experience
Alan Cohen Experience
Alan Cohen Experience
label: ACExp/FamJam

For satisfied customers of: Oysterhead, Van Morrison, and Traffic.

With the big A.C., it’s anything but “quiet on the waterfront.”




On his self-titled sophomore effort (due to percolate airwaves everywhere November 4th) fans put to sleep by more of the same will be shaken alive by Alan and an elephant of talent fed generously by the wicked Family Junction wordsmith Seth Kroll, guitar lick lover and producer Roger Greenawalt, Genji Siraisi on the skins, Jon Solo on keys and organs, Tony Jarvis on woodwinds, and Rex Moroux on back vocals. Casting off the politics around the campfire acoustic vibe in which Revolutions basked, this hot new collaboration slaps s’more layers into the ACExp’s already rich treat. The new EP begins by pouncing on the dance floor with the oddly hypnotic “Elephant,” then packs its bags for a glimmer of outworldly glam rock trip out on a “Space Watch,” both echoing the comparably quirky genre-bending collaboration of Oysterhead.




Bottom Line: Despite the disappointingly slim offering of six, listeners will be in a real pickle trying to decide on their favorite part of the Alan Cohen Experience on this solid set.

Take a tongue-and-cheek rock n’ roll stroll through the “Communist Park” NOW with the Shemspeed Player!

NOTE: The Shemspeed Player will always serve the freshest course of the taste, so if you’re catching up with leftovers, skip ahead a few tracks to find your just desserts.

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