We Punked Out

Ok, so we sorta sold out and decided not to name the Shemspeed Summer Shows “Shemspeed Punk Metal Fest”. Why? Cuz, a. we couldn’t find any Metal bands we really liked and we did find a ton of other genre bands that we LOVE and b. we just added a bunch of nights one of which will be in Philly on August 20th in 3 rooms at the same time and we want ot do each room with totally different style music, so instead we are now calling it SHEMSPEED SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL. There will be shows in Chicago, Jersey, D.C., Philly and Los Angeles. Oh and we will finish it off with 3 nights in a row in our home town NY.

We do need an amazing poster, so if you and/or your friends and fiends do graphic design email us any ideas/poster drafts. Winner gets tons of free stuff and some nice promo.
email info@shemspeed.com


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